Board Member

Matti Rivotto

Volunteer Director

Matti Rivotto is a senior behavioral therapist for Caravel Autism Health in Rockford. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in health care administration and management from Upper Iowa University.

Matti has experience in social group management, curriculum development, facilitation, and admin-related responsibilities. At Caravel, she works with children and families of autism to help improve language and communication skills, attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics, while also helping to decrease problem behaviors.

As the volunteer director for the Superhero Center, Matti works closely with the volunteers to ensure proper training, shared knowledge, and a high standard of excellence. Matti reviews each applicant to find proper candidates that carry the same values as the Superhero Center and ASD experience, and she coordinates with the board to ensure that open gym sessions, birthday parties, and special events have a support they need to be successful.

Matti has been in the field working directly with children on the spectrum for five years and hopes to expand her support within the community. She is excited to help provide a safe and happy outlet for families.

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